Soul Spirit Celebrations

..Welcome to Soul Spirit Celebrations. We offer unique, meaningful and memorable rituals and ceremonies to honour your life journey…. created just for you…

What is a "bespoke" wedding?

What is a “bespoke” wedding?

Before you head for Google, please have a look at why our weddings are something extra-special, just like you…

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Nature and Forest Therapy


Nature and Forest Therapy, often called Forest Bathing, is inspired by the Japanese practice called Shinrin-Yoku.

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Anam Cara Forest Gatherings

We are members of the growing  Wild Church Network, offering invitations to reconnect with the natural world- As kin, as sacred and as beloved co-participants in a larger story of grace and inter-being.

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Live in Niagara? 

If you are looking for a small, intimate & casual wedding venue, I am happy to host you and your guests…

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